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"We need to love this world with a compassionate heart. We must begin with the clothes we wear, the utensils we use, and the pets we live with.

Through your open heart you will receive unlimited wisdom, infinite energy and copious assistance from Nature."

- Meditation Master Jin Bodhi

In 2015, when Mimi, the founder of ooh design studio moved back to Hong Kong from Canada after more than twenty years absence, she noticed something drastically different from when she was growing up as a child in Hong Kong. She was shocked by the amount of trash found on the beaches. She started joining local groups to do beach cleanups and noticed most of the trash that had survived the elements was made of plastics. There were all kinds of gadgets and contraptions, many of them meaningless and useless by then but would continue to exist in the environment for the next few hundred years if not more.

Why is there so much plastic trash on the beach?

Where did they come from?

Mimi, trained as an industrial designer, took to examining the trash like a modern day archeologist.  There are remnants of styrofoam packaging, plastic bags, water bottles, straws, utensils, shoes, toys, discarded fishing nets and many other gadgets designed to have very short lifespan but with a material that would last many lifetimes. A lot of these plastic trash came from our disposable lifestyle, our vanity, our sense of entitlement to convenience with complete disregards to the effects on the environment when they are discarded and our lack of considerations of how they would be disposed of. In a way, they came from our hearts. Our hearts were not open. Our hearts did not include anythingelse besides our immediate selves. Some blame capitalism but that again, leads back to our hearts. 

Our outer world is the manifestation of our inner world.

So, how do we open our hearts?

This is the question Mimi will be exploring in her work which will be updated on this website to share with you her journey.